The X Gene is a theatre company from Melbourne. We create fun scifi, horror and fantasy that plays with gender, and brings the special effects of cinema to the stage. Our work is underpinned by a social mission to represent the underrepresented in script, cast and crew.

Current Show

Night-Terrors-Skull-thumb-unsplash-Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie

Night Terrors 2018

Take a journey to the night side; where strange sounds pervade the air, footsteps echo down empty halls and something in the shadows is watching. Four classic tales of terror are brought together in this atmospheric and intimate one-woman performance.

Created by Stefan Taylor
Directed by Simon J Green

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Past Shows

Media Highlights

“The audience was breathless”
– The Age

“Utterly inspired…miss it at your peril!”
– Arts Hub

“An excellent hour of creepy tales.”
– issimo magazine

“BULLET is uniformly strong… the script is so tight and neat that it’s quite difficult to poke holes in pacing or tone… Sound effects, designed by Risk Sound, were excellent, and bang on cue every time. It’s a solid show.”

“Having witnessed Bullet at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I have no doubt this show will be a hit on radio.”
– Post-Comedy Festival Profile of the Producers, AussieTheatre

“They all easily evoke the situation with their voices but the stand-outs are Simon
Morrison-Baldwin as the narrator and Andi Snelling as the Russian-accented baddie Dostoyana Ursine.”
– Herald Sun Comedy Festival Review

“Bullet pulls off an impressive feat by combining all the best comic book cheesiness that a mainstream audience understands with some innovative storytelling.”
– Katherine Phelps

“The six voice actors are unanimously brilliant. Each plays many characters and slips between voices with precision and clarity. They are vocally dextrous and pull off each manoeuvre without a hitch.”
– University of Melbourne Farrago Magazine

“I’ve compiled my picks for a literary Fringe experience. Featuring top-notch writing… these are the ‘MFringe’ events that will interest those with a love of literature: Celebrating the re-emerging genre of radio plays, SJ Green and S Fabri present this live reading of six episodes of their superhero comedy.”
– The Wheeler Centre

“Doing his research, Green realised the majority of radio play production in Australia was at the more serious high-brow end and there was a real shortage of good, noisy fun on offer.”
– Brimbank Weekly

“This show strikes the chords of the comic-book genre brilliantly. It needs to be serialised… hell, I would tune in avidly. Four stars.”
– Melbourne Fringe Review

“Indeed, the witty writing is any voice actor’s gift and the comic timing is, on the whole, sharp,”
– Weekend Notes

Other Formats

In our previous life, The X Gene produced video and virtual reality. For a little extra flavour, check out our work below.

Boy holding a VR headset

Virtual Reality

Bloody rags and meat

Digital Shorts

A 3D space station from an RMIT video