2017: The Year of the Organisation Nerd

By January 5, 2017 No Comments

Hi. I’m Simon J Green. I’m an organisation nerd.

To feel comfortable with the new year, and quieten that niggling hint of panic in the back of my mind, I did this:

Gant chart in purple showing projects over time
The projects I have on this year that I want to finish.
How long each one will take, in very broad, weekly terms.
With everything here, I can see from a high level all the stuff I gotta do and how LONG it will take. I need a good 6 months for this junk!

Then I did this:

Time breakdowns of projects hour by day
I work out how many hours of actual work I’ll do on each project.
Which gives me a total number of actual working days I need to be aware of.

Which got translated into this:

Working days put into weeks
I now wanna know how much of this work will take up how much time. So I lay out two months worth of working days. I’m at Huddle 3 days a week, so they are in red.
Then I break up those actual working days from the other chart, break them in half (half days) and fill up the calendar until they’ll all in there.
These aren’t the actual days I’ll DO this work, but rather a visual representation of how much time I have, and how much time these projects will take up. Now, I know that I’m pretty much full, except for one little half day in Feb.

Doing all this fuckin’ nerd shit let me breathe a sigh of relief, ’cause now when someone asks me to help on something or do a project, I can tell ’em I’m booked up until March.