We believe specialist creatives can turn Australia into the engine room of ideas


We use structured narrative and audience-centred development to create compelling stories


Our storytellers have the passion and vision to entertain a global audience


Our focus is on genre and comedy because that's what our audiences love

Dangerous Fun

We create stories that are bloody, explode, or make you laugh. Comedy and genres like horror, action and science fiction are beautiful ways to blow up our social anxieties or simply escape a long day. We play with these genres to explore and entertain. We’re deliberately commercial and defiantly joyful. We want our audiences to feel the same way we do when we watch something great. Have dangerous fun with us!

How We’re Doing It

We’re collecting talented filmmakers and developing two separate sets of skills that set them apart from their peers and equip us for the future we envision. The first is obvious and important, the second is groundbreaking.

Structured Narrative

The first, the obvious, is mastering tools storytellers have been using for centuries to create compelling narrative with purpose. The scripts, outlines, characters and worlds we create are the blueprints for every great story we’ll tell.


The second is groundbreaking. A story is just daydreaming without an audience to fall in love with it. So we use human-centred design principles to find our audience and co-design stories with them from day one. Our audience is a key part of the development crew.

Dark cabin feature film feature image

Feature Film

Boy holding a VR headset

Virtual Reality

Bloody rags and meat

Digital Shorts

A 3D space station from an RMIT video