Cheap, Boilerplate, DIY

By June 29, 2016 No Comments
image: a drawing. one man saying to another, "I couldn't choose between comic sans or papyrus, so I used both" The listener flinches.

There are plenty of ways to get cheap, easy content, but when you actually want and need quality, maybe avoid the sausage factory.

I was sent a link to a site where animations are pre-built. The user can log in, click some buttons, and get an animation element for their videos. I was asked what I think.

The thing about these automated animation engines – which are prevalent now – is they really focus on sausage factory graphics. They are designed to allow someone rapidity over originality and unique brand voice. They also, to be frank, undervalue the efforts of creatives. Exhibit A from the site:

I laughed out loud when I read that, because $80 for an animation is an absolute steal, and if someone thinks that animator is making out like a bandit, then they are a cold, cruel capitalist indeed.

What these sorts of ventures, and sites like Freelancer and Fiverr do, is strengthen the need for production companies like The X Gene to differentiate themselves on quality. My team’s work is custom designed, built on the brand voice and audience needs of the client, ensuring the outputs they create with us perfectly match the rest of their comms. We also create stuff way more advanced than the cheap stuff – it’s almost impossible to get that level at those low price points, not to mention that our processes are smoother than the far more difficult processes and translations of quick and dirty operators.

Fact is, there’ll always be people who are happy with business cards in Microsoft Word and boilerplate animations for $80 – but those aren’t our client. Our client knows and needs the skill-set, tool-set a experience a professional brings, because their level of communication, marketing and voice is at that level, too.