How Much Does it Cost to Film My Event?

By August 15, 2013 No Comments
How much does it cost to film an event? Lots of companies put on big shows or little shows, to reach out to new people or celebrate the existing. Film it!

Event marketing is all the rage. Lots of companies put on big shows or little shows, to reach out to new people or celebrate the existing. We capture these events in two ways.

We film the whole event and create long form versions for those who were absent, online membership clubs or to sell the videos themselves.

Or, we can create a highlight reel(s) that captures the atmosphere and promotes the event, the business and the sponsors or partners.

We’re usually working with organisations that hold training sessions, seminars or presentations to their board, the media or their peers. Some of our favourites are awards nights and ceremonies.

The way this gets done is a bit different from the usual pre/prod/post process. We’ll get called up to cover the event. We discuss the needs, what’s going to be on at the location and what the client wants to do with the content. We then bring a usually small crew, film, then edit it all together. Overall, it’s a fairly simple production, but it’ll take a bit longer because we’ll be dealing with potentially days worth of footage.

To cover an event, are the stacks of cash fat or skinny? At the lowest end, we’ll have someone with a camera running around grabbing just visuals, then a quick edit. At the highest end, there’s a multi-camera set up with different angles, different audio feeds and hours and hours of final product. So $2,000 to $5,000 – up to a three day seminar from $12 to $15 grand.

Who’s getting these sorts of videos made? Businesses with either lots of staff or lots of stakeholders, covering end of year or general meetings. This can be an industry association’s organising committee – Insurance Council of Australia, Australian Constructors Association, Planning Institute of Australia.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle, so if there’s an event coming up that you know could’ve been shot better than last year, email us for a chitty chat!