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Statement of Intent 2018+

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Simon J Green’s
Statement of Intent For
The X Gene Pty Ltd


I want to write original plays, and produce fun theatre for my company, The X Gene.

I want to make The X Gene a theatre company that can tell my stories, and that economically and creatively supports a group of makers I respect and trust.

I want the stories we tell to be fun and fantastic, using genre (sci-fi, horror, fantasy, adventure, etc) to explore and blow up our social fears.

I want structural narrative to dominate the development process, so that all of our choices come back to the story and its why/purpose. I think Aaron Sorkin, Ann Patchett and David Mamet do this well.

I want the company and the productions to develop us as professionals, while also providing a platform for bringing up underrepresented groups in theatre (women, people with disability, people of colour).

I want the audience to enjoy the escapism, the colour, the sounds and sights, while still appreciating the underlying social messages. I think Pixar, Tina Fey, Mike Schur and the Shaun of the Dead team are role models for this style of storytelling.


I need to find the right distribution pathway and income streams that can be repeated year on year, to allow stability, forward planning and growth for the theatre business.

I need my team of makers to join me in a contract capacity, so we can come together on productions and develop then execute them in a way that makes a stable profit and also gives all of us the creative satisfaction and fun we crave.

I think I need a partner or close collaborator who can autonomously and proactively generate income or opportunities for the company. Someone who understands and wants to grow the business of theatre with me.

I need to confirm that Night Terrors and regional Victoria can provide the distribution pathway and income stream I’m seeking, as a foundation for the business and all future productions and plans.


I think that we should develop some sort of social program to attach to our productions, because they broaden the appeal of the show as a package, widen income opportunities and the cultural relevance of our work. They also help us pursue our individual social consciences, and the social mission of the business: to represent the underrepresented.

I think that Night Terrors can be a regular yearly production that pairs a director and a performer, and draws from the established library of out of copyright horror stories we’ve adapted for stage. I think it can be cheap, easy to tour, and can run for approximately two years before the incarnation runs out of steam.

I think that Night Terrors can be a training ground for new talent, that can be inducted into our approach to teamwork and production, hardened on the road, and then elevated into the original productions we develop.

I think something like a repertory model could work for us. Night Terrors and even BULLET can be toured around, and new work, first the stories I want to tell, but eventually other written pieces by our team, can be developed, premiered at Melbourne Fringe, and then added to our repertoire and sold to our distro pathway.

I think Australian Fringe Festivals and regional/rural Victoria are the best places to start in developing the relationships we need for our distribution pathway and income streams.

I think that until we can prove otherwise, I and the team will need to maintain part-time or casual jobs elsewhere, to allow us the money and stability to engage in The X Gene productions on a project by project basis.