last updated 9th September 2015


All variables are carefully considered and all efforts are made to ensure they are correct. However, the quoted price may not be the final cost of your project. If you have any questions or wish to add further details or modifications, please use the contact details provided. If this is the first time you are receiving a quotation from The X Gene, please take the time to read through all elements carefully, The X Gene regards all approvals as final by representatives of your business.

Trading Terms

50% pre-payment is required to commence your project based on the supplied quotation. All deposits are non-refundable. Once work exceeds the pre-paid 50% amount, your account will be billed every 14 days to continue work. Upon completion of the project, we will get written sign off from you, based on a preview file we supply. We will then invoice you the remaining 50% balance, with any additional costs incurred during the project. We will only release final deliverables once your balance invoice is paid in full. Any leniency in the trading terms are at The X Gene’s discretion and does not indicate a change in these terms or due dates. If any of your invoices, from The X Gene to you, is overdue, we are entitled to stop work until payment is received. Any overdue invoices immediately cancel any discretionary changes to terms The X Gene may have made. Please contact us should you wish to discuss and/or apply for alternative account terms. Invoice queries will only be accepted if received in writing within 7 days from date of invoice.

Definitions of Trade Language

Unless stated otherwise in writing, the following definitions apply to all jobs, quotes and invoices.
Day: for any production crew member involved in a shoot, a day is 10 hours maximum or until job is wrapped, whichever comes first. This includes a lunch break.
Half Day: for any production crew member involved in a shoot, a half day is 4 hours maximum or until job is wrapped, whichever comes first. This does not include a lunch break.
Editing, Motion Graphics & Drafts: all jobs requiring editing or standalone motion graphics/animation include two rounds of revisions, which is three drafts, in the quoted price, unless stated otherwise. Any changes outside of these three drafts will be quoted and, if approved, charged accordingly.
Drafts Definition: A draft is any video file, document, or sound file submitted to a client, on which notes can be given back to The X Gene. The final draft is either that draft which requires no further changes/notes, as stated by the client, or the maximum number of drafts as stated in the quote/by these terms – whichever comes first.

Deadlines & Supplied Assets

We always aim to meet our deadlines. From time to time, a deadline will require assets, material or content provided by you, the client. If The X Gene informs you that assets etc. are required and must be supplied by or through you, and that the deadline relies on that asset, material, content or other, then it is your responsibility to supply those assets etc. to The X Gene. If those assets are not supplied to The X Gene in the given time, then any or all deadlines may be shifted and The X Gene will not be held responsible for the effects of that shifted deadline.

Finished Work & Delivery

Any further deliverables requested outside of this quote will be charged accordingly. Unless otherwise arranged, The X Gene will delete all work material (eg: rushes and raw footage) 2 months after the date of completion.

Electronic Storage

As most work and work material is stored electronically, you may wish to obtain digital media copies (CD, DVD or Hard Drive transfer) for your own storage needs. This will be factored into the quote if requested before, or additionally charged if requested afterwards. The X Gene can store your work material for you, however you will be billed per GB, for every month held, 2 months beyond the date of completion.

Intellectual Property

Upon The X Gene receiving final payment from the client on a job, ownership of all concepts, graphics, video and audio and design applications, together with the copyright therein, are transferred from The X Gene to become the property of the client. Unless otherwise requested in writing, The X Gene may use job and project materials for inclusion in The X Gene marketing and self-promotion, and The X Gene may offer freelancers and employees the right to use job and project materials for their individual marketing and promotion.

Final Approval of Job

Once the requested deliverables have been received by the client, approval must be sent to The X Gene via written or electronic communication from an authorised member of the business. Any further work will be charged accordingly and may require additional quotes. We will only release final deliverables once your balance invoice is paid in full.

Quote Approval

The X Gene regards all approvals as final by representatives of your company. Your approval of this quote certifies your business’s commitment to pay for all hours of work by The X Gene. Agreement of all terms included in this quote must be certified by EITHER an email to The X Gene expressing agreement OR 50% of the supplied quote. If a quote is agreed to and certified via an email, then 50% of the supplied quote must then be deposited for The X Gene to begin work.