The Digital Office aka The Paperless Office

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IMAGE: showing the conversion to a paperless office in a chalky style, papers flying across teh screen, goign into a laptop. The background is a rough textured dark blue.

It’s insane that I still get pieces of paper from people. A paperless office is more and more achievable. Here’s how you can stop losing stuff in the mail, down the sides of drawers, and make sure everything’s available with one of these:

IMAGE: a paperless office means you can use this: a search bar showing search default text

Get Paperless Files

Cloud storage, you might have heard, is everywhere. This is essential, and there are so many plugins for your email services that let you just pop attachments or even the emails themselves into your online storage. If you’re unsure, these cloud storage services are just hard drives online, accessible anywhere, wherever you like, on all your devices, and best of all, you can search easily and quickly. No more thumbing through piles of paper looking for that one document. No more out of date versions. It’s all in one place, shareable among your team, clients, suppliers, whatever. Essential! Here’s our nerdy guide to organising a cloud drive.

Google Drive | Dropbox | Microsoft OneDrive

Get Paperless Signatures

No more sending of paperwork in the mail, to get it signed and sent back; or even more annoying, scanned and emailed back; or triple annoying, printed, signed, scanned and emailed. These services let you upload a document, populate the text, date and signature boxes, or leave them blank but marked for filling in by one or multiple parties – then the finished document is sent securely to the signing parties, who can draw their own signatures into the software or browser, finish up and bam, you’ve got everything signed and filed away. Some plug in to your cloud drive, too, meaning signed documents go straight to where you want them. Most services are free, then only require payment when you have to send lots of agreements out in a month.

HelloSign | DocuSign | Adobe eSign

Paperless Notetaking

This is the final frontier. The one thing that kept a paperless office slightly out of reach: the need for handwritten notes. Drawing, doodling and scrawling is the fastest, and for creatives, often most tactile and solid way to jot ideas or details or anything. Styluses, pens used to write on tablets, have been around for ages, but fell short of pens and pencils unless you had a full blown Wacom set up. That time is drawing to a close. Fine point styluses and tablets custom built for such digital pens have finally closed the gap, and smart tech means your wrist or hand won’t get in the way. Sync your notetaking up with Evernote, Google Keep or SimpleNote, and your handwriting can even be searchable (to a point).

Samsung Note | Apple Pencil/Pro | Fine Point Stylus