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Video Seeding: Getting Video Views

By November 14, 2014 No Comments
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Nothing hurts our feelings more than a low view count on a piece of content we made for a client. We’re human creatures, if you cut us we bleed, and if people don’t watch your videos, we roll into a ball on the floor and cry and cry and cry. A low view count is mostly because the owners of the content didn’t push it. A fantastic piece of video does not guarantee eyeballs without a solid strategy to push it. You can’t just throw it up on YouTube and rub your hands together.

Crying because no one watched your video

Crying because no one watched your video

Putting the video itself on multiple sources can help you get a good aggregate view count – chuck it on YouTube, obvs, but also upload it to your Facebook page, your LinkedIn business page and your Vimeo account. All of this should be covered with strong descriptions and tags and titles that feature keywords, but don’t go over the top. Google is looking for relevancy, and if they see a bunch of videos about your service, with your name near it, they’ll boost you up in their estimates.

But wanna know how stuff goes viral? Video seeding. We spoke with Lava Communications about how video seeding works, and now we’re excited to offer their services along side our own. Essentially, you give the video a boost in views, so that the organic views can pick up from there. It’s like boosting a Facebook post. You pay per view, less than 50c (as of Nov 2014), and away you go. Know how many views you want? Then we know your budget. Know your budget? Then we know how many views you can get. There’s a minimum guarantee on views, and away you go.

A fantastic short piece that divides the detail of this can be found here, by Loren Rochelle.

Next time you see a campaign that went viral, think about the behind the scenes work that went into getting those videos out there. It wasn’t just set and forget: video is part of an active marketing strategy, just like any other communications channel. Ours just happens to be the best!