What’s Content Marketing?

By January 15, 2015 No Comments
Image: video strategy is a part of content marketing by The X Gene a video production agency in Melbourne

You’re going to see a huge amount of chatter on business and marketing sites about video and content marketing in 2015!

What’s that? Essentially, content is all the stuff that’s getting made for your organisation’s existence online: blogs, images, articles, photos, infographics, landing sites, VIDEO. Taking all of that and having an actual plan behind how you’ll use it to get people interested in your organisation, be attracted to what you do, and then visit in some way is content marketing.

The beauty of this for The X Gene is that the most popular type of content to market with has become video. Internet speeds and device acceptance has meant videos are everywhere. YouTube is now the world’s number two search engine. You’ll have noticed people saying they prefer to watch a quick 60 second video rather than read a block of text.

The X Gene has long called itself a video agency (rather than a production company) because we’ve long seen that video is an asset that needs to be fully supported by a strategy and marketing tactics. Our service, Video Strategy, is all about that! We want to make it easy for you to take advantage of video in 2015, and then make sure those videos do something for you – be that drive sales, create sign ups or spark conversations.

Having a Video Strategy is Part of Your Content Marketing

Video strategy is content marketing with video at its core. We find out what your organisation is about, who you’re speaking to, and what you want them to do. We then work out what videos we can make for you over 6 to 12 months – that’s the fun, creative, amazing bit we’ve always done so well – but on top of that, we create a strategy using online, paid and organic tactics to get that content seen, and turn passive viewers into active users.

It’s an exciting time to be digital and making videos. Please contact us to learn more about how you can be a killer video executive producer yourself!